Saturday, October 27, 2012

put a bird on it

this is one of my favorite books, "birds of america", first published in 1917. the writing is very conversational, folksy and charming. today we will examine the BLUE JAY.

"The Blue Jay is the clown and scoffer of birdland. Furthermore, he is one of the handsomest of American birds; also he is one of the wickedest, and therein exemplifies the literal truth of the saying "Fine feathers don't make fine birds."

"In the nesting season he is...little in evidence, not only because he has his own family affairs to attend to, but because he devotes a good deal of his time to his cannibalistic practices, concerning which he is anxious to keep the rest of the feathered world in ignorance. But once his family responsibilities are discharged, and there are no more nests to be robbed, his whole demeanor changes, and he becomes the noisiest and most obstreperous creature in the woods."

what a scamp!

last night i went to boston and saw  HEARTLESS BASTARDS.
what an amazing band-i hope you get a chance to check them out!!