Monday, October 15, 2012

flea market style

do you like to read decorating books? i love them. i am pretty much obsessed with them. my two very most favorite ones are flea market style by emily chalmers and homespun style by selina lake. 

i guess you could most accurately describe my decorating style as " flea market clutter". brian might describe it (and has) as "too much stuff"...but that doesn't seem to stop me from lugging more and more things home from the flea market. no, sir! i will fill every last inch of our (rather small) house!

that being said,  i love looking at bright, airy swedish homes with lots of mid-century modern furniture and catherine holm bowls, every surface painted white, with just a few well-chosen items placed here and there. so, so lovely! but seriously, can you really live that way? i think not. i like the cozy comfort of beautiful old things with a bit of wear and tear and a story to tell, if only they could!

so, every night before i go to sleep, i choose a book from the towering stack beside the bed and look at a page or two. then on the weekend, i go to the flea market, head full of inspiration, pockets not very full of cash, in search of the next treasure! sorry brian.


  1. me and you - twins separated at birth. we should trade-off some home dec books. I have a stack as well. ask bob!

  2. ooo-that sounds good!! thanks for commenting!!!