Thursday, October 18, 2012

little skirts

i just finished a few little skirts to deliver to g.williker's in portsmouth, nh.

i hadn't sewed in years and years, then my niece came along and i wanted to make her cute little girl clothes, and a floodgate was opened! i have been sewing ever since, and g. williker's carries my little skirts. they are the greatest local toy store with the nicest (and most patient!) staff, and a wonderful place to shop!

our house is on the small side, and i don't have a designated sewing area, so there are sewing machines stashed in corners and boxes full of supplies under tables and behind serger lives in the pantry and i sew in the kitchen. it's a bit inconvenient, but it works! i do dream of having a room where i can just leave everything set up all the time... maybe someday!

you see that little gadget up there? it's called a bodkin, and if you ever need to thread a piece of elastic through a small channel, it will save your life! also, a great word!!

my friend nigella certainly rocks the little skirt look!!!


  1. those skirts are great. and i may have a sewing room, but you have a serger. I am SO envious :)

  2. thank you ginny! you NEED to get a serger! christmas is coming.....