Sunday, October 7, 2012

apples and rain

yesterday we went apple picking. we like to try different orchards, so this year we went to pulsifer orchard in cornish, maine. the trees were loaded with apples. we picked mostly macintosh, my favorite, and cortlands, but we also got some jonagolds which are a cross between an heirloom jonathan apple and golden delicious. some of them were HUGE! it was a  grey afternoon, and the very minute we left the shop when we were done, it started to rain...perfect timing! some friends told us that an orchard in exeter, nh didn't have a single apple this year due to a cold spring and late frost-wow!

my childhood friend is coming to visit today. she lives in north carolina now and we hadn't seen each other in i'd say 17 years until last year when we connected again through facebook. i was nervous last year when she came, but she hadn't changed at all and we had a wonderful visit! i'm really looking forward to today!

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