Monday, October 14, 2013

weekend in rhode island

this weekend we visited friends in rhode island and did lots of wandering and window shopping.  we went to the risd alumni craft fair which was  fun and inspirational, and as i have a craft fair coming up that i need to be thinking about, that was good!  it was very exciting to see adam reid there, the kitchen gadgets guy from america's test kitchen!!!  working for that show would be my dream job, so i was very geeky and yelled "we love your show!!!", and he seemed genuinely happy to be recognized. very cool!

i also taught my 7-year-old friend, stella, how to crochet, and she picked it right up! it's so awkward starting to crochet or knit and can be frustrating even for an adult, but she was so patient and spent the whole rest of the weekend crocheting! i loved that!!

these photos were taken in warren, ri, a great little town with lots of junk shops and funky buildings.

today we hit the flea market, and i have lots of new treasures to show you. i know you can't wait!!!

hope you enjoyed your columbus day!

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