Friday, October 4, 2013

birthday/anniversary quilt is FINISHED!!!!!

my brother's 50th birthday is today(happy birthday, andy!!!), and i wanted to make something special for this occasion and also for he and my sister-in-law's wedding anniversary, which is right around the corner. so, time for a quilt! i wanted to make them something a little more modern looking, so i thought i'd stick to solid colors and a very graphic design. i'd seen this pattern  
on several blogs and on flickr and thought it would be perfect.

i hand quilted it with a 3-inch grid which looks pretty good!  my stitches could be a bit smaller, but i wanted to get this darn thing done in time!

one thing that i really like about making a quilt is that you take all of these little separate pieces and sew them all together, and after everything is quilted and washed and dried it becomes one whole quilt, no longer the little pieces, but its own thing. it's very satisfying!

oh, and violet gave it a test drive and the cat seal of approval ;)

that's my secret project and i'm glad it's done and delivered!!  now i can work on my x and + quilt. hurray!!!


  1. Beautiful. I love the solid colours you have chosen, they really make a statement! Great job on the hand quilting - the grid really adds to the visual interest of your quilt. Visiting from "Finish it up Friday".

  2. What a nice sister you are. The colors you chose are amazing, and I am super impressed with the hand-stitch quilting. I haven't gotten brave enough to try that yet. It looks just wonderful.

    1. hi megan! i hand quilt because the thought of wrestling a quilt through my sewing machine is scary, and i don't know if my old machine could take it :) thank you for your comment!!

  3. That hand quilting is the perfect detail for these solid blocks - beautiful!

  4. Very pretty and the love the way it's quilted.

  5. Jennifer, I thought your secret project must be a quilt and it certainly does make me "swoon" over it. That's a gift of solid love for sure! As always, I'll admire you 'til the cows come home. Enjoy your "x and + quilt" (whatever that is.) Perhaps one day you can enlighten me. ha ha

  6. I'll weigh in as the lucky brother! Thanks so much for this incredible gift Jennifer! It is an heirloom already, and has gained the cat (along with human) seal of approval at our house too. As always, your artistic eye and incredible talent permeate your projects and life. Love, Andy