Tuesday, October 22, 2013

plugging away

i didn't do as much crafting on my vacation as i had thought i would. i feel like i'm much more constructive with my time if i have less of it, if that makes sense!  i guess i get lazy, or maybe i just needed a break!

i did get a few more blocks of my x and + quilt done. i have realized that i love pink. pink!  too much pink!  i am trying to stay away from it more on this quilt and use darker colors. i love that block in the bottom photo with the aqua flowered plus in the center. then i have moments when i think this quilt is one hot mess! but there are examples i've seen on flickr here and  here that i love....i'll keep it up-28 more squares to go!

lots of riding last week meant lots of crocheting. i'll be making LOTS of these for crocheted garlands at the craft fair.

 loved this!

happy tuesday!!!

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