Monday, September 2, 2013

windsor fair!

o.k., you might want to get yourself a cup of coffee and find a good seat, because this is going to be a photo extravaganza!  here are some pictures from the windsor fair!

first of all, you know you're in windsor when you see this sign. for real!

we always like to go on the last day of the fair, partially because it is so hilarious to see all of the shriveled up brown vegetables with their blue ribbons!!

then there are the exhibition halls full of crafts. i really liked these hooked rugs. i think that chicken is amazing!

next is the museum with an old general store, different period rooms and this extra creepy military exhibit...

there's the one-room schoolhouse with "a student". come on! couldn't they do a little something about this hair-do?? now to mention her arms were on backwards.............

in the 4-H building we learned that there is lots of fun to be had with baby chicks!

lots of great ticky-tacky-ness! and don't forget the rides!! the last time we went to the fair we all decided to go on a ride which made us all so sick that we had to leave.  never again!!

we can't forget to mention the food! i think maybe they should say "ridiculously BAD FOR YOU"!!  but sadly, they're probably DELICIOUS!!  

and now for the real reason you go to the fair...ADORABLE ANIMALS!!!

the sheep are so sweet with their little smiling faces...

how cute is this little banty rooster??!!

how now, brown cow! 

ok, now the best for last! wait for it...........

BABY PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Absolutely wonderful photos, Jen! Love the crooked wig on the "student".
    BTW......Baby Pigs!