Friday, September 20, 2013

high times in the hen house

for the past few years we have been keeping chickens, which i LOVE!  they are so much fun to watch, running around the yard, always busy busy busy! and the eggs are just wonderful. so much nicer than store-bought eggs. if you've never had a fresh egg you should really try to find some. they are worth the bit of extra cost and don't even look like those pale old eggs you find at the supermarket. and the flavor is amazing!

anyway, for one reason or another, our chicken population has dwindled, as chicken populations tend to do,  leaving us with only 2 this summer. i was worrying about the winter coming up with only 2 chickens trying to keep warm in the coop, and if one should die that would leave one chilly little chicken all alone! so i asked around and my friend jennifer gave me 2 of her girls. i was a bit worried about introducing the new chickens as chickens can be quite awful to eachother sometimes.....but we stuck the 2 new ones in after dark, and after the initial "meet and greet" involving some pecking and chasing around, they seem to be getting along quite nicely!

this is gretel , low man on the totem pole, as it were. she is very sweet and lets me pick her up.

and this is agnes who is HUGE, and is definitely the boss!

it's hard to take pictures of chickens because they never stop moving!

annie and poppy have been knocked down a notch, but seem happy just the same. so i feel better with a full coop!

this was pretty cool! my camper is "famous"!

have a great weekend!! we've been having some amazingly gorgeous weather-hope it keeps up a while!

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