Saturday, September 7, 2013

dogs, elves, birds and more!!

we went to the flea market this morning, and may i say, get ready for cuteness overload!!!!!

bird theme!  the seagull looks so good on the shed door.

elf theme!  i have found so many of these little planters this year. i think this picture makes him look a bit creepy, but really he's very cute.

got this recipe box (the aqua inside is what sold me), and about a million yards of this pretty curtain fabric! 

dog theme!  aren't the collies adorable?!?! i think this is a planter too, but i don't really know how you'd keep a plant in there. i think it would make a perfect business card holder for the craft fairs. hmmm, now maybe i need to make business cards for my non-existent business.....

a very successful flea market day!!!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful palette as always! My favorite fair photo is root beer floats.