Sunday, July 21, 2013

summer knitting

last summer i went to a yard sale and struck gold. three skeins of blue sky 
yarn for $2 each!!! wow! (ok, sometimes when i make a link and then continue to write, all of the writing becomes the link too, so i had to go to a new dummy here, folks!)

so i've been thinking and thinking what to do with this absolutely gorgeous yarn, and i finally decided on a scarf. i thought that i should make something extravagant, something fancy, something lacy. 
but when it comes right down to it, i am not a fancy kind of girl. so, i decided with my new-found love of garter stitch, i would just make a very very luxurious, amazing, soft garter stitch scarf! i know i will wear this a lot, and it will be an easy breezy summer project.

happy thank god it is cooler sunday!!!!!

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