Wednesday, July 24, 2013

dumb in dummerston

on sunday we took a road trip to dummerston, vermont where there was a vintage camper rally going on. we went to it last year and there were so many cool old campers. i was excited to get some great pictures!  so we drive into the campground, which is looking suspiciously empty, only to find out that everybody had left around noon time and we were there at 2:00!!!!! so disappointing, but we did see this cute little coleman camper that looks like it could fit in your back pocket.

so we did some exploring and stopped at this covered bridge in dummerston where lots of folks were cooling off in the river. we also got some cheese  at the grafton village cheese shop-seriously delicious !

i have, however, smartened up a bit in the quilting department. i originally found a great tutorial for the x and + quilt here. it's a great tutorial, but the blocks are only 7 1/2" square. at that rate i would never finish the quilt! so in the middle of the night the other night i started figuring in my head how to make it bigger and got up and wrote all of the measurements down, rather proud of myself and my mad math skills! the next day i made a paper mock-up, thankfully, because my figuring was complete bull$*&#! was i dreaming or what?!

so i have since found this 
which yields a 13" square. that's more like it! hopefully after i make a few more blocks i'll have this out of my system for a while so i can return to my secret project, which i should be working on!!

happy hump day!

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  1. all my math prowess happens when I am dreaming