Thursday, July 18, 2013

a dapper lad

the other day, as we were going from air conditioned place to air conditioned place, we stopped into
nahcotta . 

i saw something there i HAD to have...

i went home and  counted out the two big jars of coins that i have been saving forever and came up with a
 big part of the cost, so i got it! he now hangs in our kitchen, and i just LOVE this piece!!!!! the artist is kelly vivanco.

i think he is very dapper and sort of bavarian looking. maybe again it's the influence of reading "the wind in the willows" this summer , although "toad" was my least favorite character. i don't know, i've never had a frog thing before!

 as i was picking this bouquet of flowers this afternoon, a hummingbird was only a couple of feet away from me, going flower to flower. i held very still and hoped it would land right on my bouquet, but he finally noticed me and flew off. it's so interesting to see all of the life that exists around the garden. the bees and spiders and hummingbirds. its own little universe.

tonight it's a bit cooler and sooooo nice, but tomorrow is supposed to be brutal. i cannot wait for this heatwave to end!!!!!

keep cool!!



    Copy & paste the url above into your browser for images to capture a sub-theme I seem to be sensing in this blog... (sorry I can't link it in a comment)

    1. haha! i guess it's the only part of me i want to show :)