Thursday, June 13, 2013

still here!

hi! i'm still here! it's been a bit of a rough re-entry to work, starting the week off with a stomach flu, and adding another day to my vacation(sort of!  that's never suspicious, right?)  i've had no energy all week, but today i'm finally feeling better!

i was walking rosco in the rain this afternoon, with my umbrella, and met a woman walking across the street who was wearing an umbrella hat. i said, "nice hat". she told me it was from china and was used as a sun hat but also worked well in the rain. then she said, "i have something for you", reached into her bag and handed me an oil painting that she had made. she said she was giving them to people with umbrellas. kind of crazy, but also kind of made my day!

happy rainy thursday!

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