Monday, June 24, 2013

fabric giveaway!!!

this was a sewing weekend! i've had a couple of projects in my head for a while now to make for my niece and my little friend olive. finally i felt like doing it! you know how sometimes you just do not feel like sewing(or knitting or crocheting)? i'm glad it's back!

i am not the best sewer in the world, so i like the patterns that say "sewing for dummies" and " fast and easy".  and i have to say i was scratching my head at times with the "easy" one. "understitching"??? what the heck is that? i ended up just topstitching instead, and that was fine...

i was given that leopard (ocelot?) fabric by a nice woman who comes into the bakery. it's really nice, hand-printed, but i just didn't know what i'd ever use it for. but then i thought it was kind of lily pulitzer-ish and might make a nice simple dress. i like how it came out, and i think it's perfect for a 6-year-old!

i was also happy with the top. i've made that pattern several times, often with some cursing involved, but this time went very smoothly! i'd just say that if you make it, add to the length. i added 4" which seems about right (on the 4-year-old size).

i have about a yard of the leopard fabric left and if anybody wants it, leave your name here(or on facebook ) and i will send it to you!! i will draw a name from the comments TOMORROW(that's TUESDAY), and mail it off to you!

(i am using all of the restraint i have not to complain about the heat, thank you very much!)


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