Saturday, June 29, 2013

hot and rainy!

hi! it has been either hotter than hades or pouring rain and thunder showers lately, and you want to put on a sweater.  not very good picture taking weather...

there has been a bird singing REALLY LOUDLY outside of our bedroom window in the mornings. one morning i went out and saw it perched on the top of the roof, singing away, but i didn't get a good look at it. yesterday i was sitting in the yard, between raindrops, and i caught the little devil in the act! it was a yellowthroated warbler, a green-ish grey little bird with a black mask. aha!!! it has a very distinctive song described in the bird book as "witchity witchity witchity witch" (and they should've added REALLY LOUD and incessant!) yup, that's it! damn cute, but damn annoying at 5:00 a.m. :)

happy weekend!


  1. not only do we have the same weather, we have the same x$#*!# bird! I keep referring to it as the demented warbler. First bird singing in the morning, last bird singing at night. It must be very, very, very happy.

    1. yes, makes you want to ring its' happy little neck :)