Sunday, March 24, 2013


we headed up to alfred, maine yesterday for a maple syrup festival, which actually turned out to be today...but we found this hot dog camper. pretty great! i had to take the inside shot to show you that his curtains match his truck! wow! the hot dogs were very tasty! we just had the "regular" hot dogs. i don't know about you, but those red ones give me the creeps! i was surprised to see that he had to have 4 sinks in that little camper! i know that's a restaurant requirement, but in a camper....i mean, what does he have to wash really, but a pair of tongs??

we went to a little antique shop and i found some wonderful treasures. i loooove that little planter!! and i found a couple of christmas cards. (kelly might find that poodle card in his mailbox next year!)

then we made a stop at marden's in sanford, maine. sewers, if you haven't been to marden's, you must go! they have a huge fabric section, and it's cheap, cheap, cheap! all the fabrics are from $2.99 to $4.99 a yard, and they have nice stuff! even some big names(denyse schmidt, amy butler-you have to look around!) i'm going to make some napkins with some of this. i love having cloth napkins. i used to be rather fussy about making them; reversible, with trim...then someone wanted me to make them a lot of napkins for an event, and they just wanted 20" squares, just raw edges, very simple! i made them and washed them, and they frayed nicely on the edges, and now that's how i make my napkins!

i spotted the aqua camper in someone's backyard, so i had to sneak a picture. looks like a brand new paint job!

have a nice sunday! i'm hoping it will warm up like the weathermen predicted.......

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  1. you had this done before 6:30 this morning?