Saturday, March 2, 2013

fabric love

i went to the fabric shop yesterday "just to visit", but found this most adorable bear fabric that i LOVE! i  had to get it...because really i NEED more fabric (like a hole in the head, but you know how it is!) i'm going to use it with that awesome pink vintage fabric~~~i'll show you the results!

i found out yesterday that i am going to be participating in two group shows, coming up very soon! so i'll be crocheting every second for the next couple of months...

lovely warm(ish) day. i have the kitchen windows open which feels sooooo good. spring's coming!


  1. Hey Jen.
    Been thinking of you as I work on a new product-
    spirograph dinnerware. I'd love to have you see it and give me feed back if you have time?

    1. hi hope! how cool is that?!?! i'd love to see what you are doing! any time.....