Thursday, December 6, 2012

chicken run

so, i have not had the best afternoon ever........came home, let the chickens out since it's a nice day, went to get my car inspected, did not pass. no big deal, but arrrgggghhhhh!!

come home, it's dark, so i go to shut the chickens up. chickens are on a schedule. when the sun goes down, they naturally go into the coop- they don't see well in the dark. so, i look in the coop-no chickens! but i hear a little clucking sound. so i run inside and grab the coleman lantern, go back outside. i finally find them on the other side of the fence(the yard is fenced in for the chickens and rosco), huddled together in the pricker bushes.....they are not smart enough to get back into the yard when they jump the fence, but they are smart enough to hide in the pricker bushes for protection. actually, i am probably giving them too much credit! anyway, after crawling around in the dark with my lantern for a half hour, i finally grab them all (i just have three) and toss them back over the fence, and in they go. all's well that ends well, i guess!

 happy thursday, and keep on smilin'!

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