Wednesday, December 12, 2012


just took rosco for a walk. put on my hat and mittens and bundled rosco up in his little striped sweater.  lots of times i just do not feel like going for a walk after work, but i'm always glad  when we do. we usually see something interesting. tonight, a beautiful red sunset, two v's of geese, and jupiter rising in the eastern sky. (thanks dad for the astronomical information!)

we got three eggs today! wow! i don't know the last time all three girls layed. i have two who are fairly regular in the summer and one who has been taking it easy for a while now, so i was quite surprised with three eggs! yes, i have an exciting life.....

working on a few garlands for orders, then i have to finish up a couple surprise projects. after christmas i'm going to try to finish two quilts, both of which are 2/3's finished(the piecing, anyway).


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