Monday, January 14, 2013

guinea hens and jesus

a very grey and drizzly weekend, with fairly warm temperatures. today in fact, it was 53 degrees! felt good, but.....

we had breakfast at our favorite spot, the black bean cafe, in rollinsford, nh. sooooooo good!

then we took a little drive. everything was foggy and drippy. we came upon a flock of guinea hens trotting along the side of the road. now, i have seen guinea hens from a distance before, but these were quite friendly and ran right up to me. they do not have much of a head, but what they do have sure packs a punch! holy mother of god are they ever HID-E-OUS!!!!! terrifying!!! what's with that HORN thing on top of the head?!?!  beautiful feathers though.

i did work a lot on a new craft project that i will tell you all about tomorrow. happy monday!

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