Wednesday, May 28, 2014

sitting here in a wool sweater!

hi! just checking in to say hello on this chilly chilly may day!!  will. not. turn. on. heat!

i've been enjoying every minute of this spring, which has seemed long and lingering. i never like to rush this greening growing season. too often there are a couple of lovely weeks and then, bam! 90 degrees! not my favorite! i'll take this cool weather a bit longer any time! 

only 4 days left of my crochet project. i'll miss it, but maybe i'll get more blogging done when it's over!

remembering the incredible life of maya angelou today. such an amazing and inspiring woman!



  1. hope you are ok ? you've been quiet , out having lots of fun in the sun, sweaters packed away until autumn would be my guess.
    i have been finishing another quilt, a large half square triangle one based on an old swedish quilt i saw in an asa wettre book. it looks good to me but as ever there are things i would do differently. and my fingers are sore !!

  2. hello again. just checking in to see if you've still got your woolly sweater on....
    hope all is well in your corner of the world.
    best wishes. susan

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